Jagged Little Pill

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Jagged Little Pill – Broadway Musical

Jagged Little Pill


Background on the music album Jagged Little Pill


MCA Records Canada came up with the debut studio album of Morissette in 1991, which was a Platinum hit in Canada. The singer’s second album did not manage to get the same phenomenal success that her first album enjoyed and could only sell a little more than half the copies in contrast.


After the completion of her two-album deal, Morissette did not have any recording contract left with her. She was introduced to her manager Scott Welch who was highly impressed with the singer’s spectacular voice, lyrics, and character. It was a period when Morissette still stayed in Ottawa with her parents.


It was a mutual decision that the singer relocates to the city of Toronto for better career prospects so that she can start writing for other artists. After completing her high school studies, Morissette relocated. She met Glen Ballard, a songwriter, and producer who had complete faith in her singing talents.


The duo recorded, as well as wrote the singer’s first album, which was internationally released. The path-breaking album was titled “Jagged Little Pill”. By 1985 spring, the singer had clinched a deal with the famous Maverick Records.


The album “Jagged Little Pill” had the distinction of topping the music charts in as many as 13 countries. It sold thirty-three million copies worldwide, thus making it one of the all-time best-selling music albums. Also, Morissette became the first Canadian artiste to accomplish double diamond sales.


History of Alanis Morrissette the artist


Alanis Nadine Morissette, who is better known as Alanis Morissette, was born on June 1, 1974, in Ottawa, Ontario. The Canadian musician has been famous for her rock-influenced sound and beautiful confessional lyrics. The musician’s smash hit album titled “Jagged Little Pill” released in 1995 made her one of the most prominent alternative rock female singers in the nineties.


The musician started learning the piano when she was only 6-year-old. She started compositions when she was just 7 and wrote the lyrics for first songs by the time she was 9-year-old. She acted in “You Can’t Do That on Television” at the young age of 10. It was a series that aired on Nickelodeon, a television network for the kids. The singer used her income from the TV show for cutting her maiden single.


Her album “Jagged Little Pill” won various accolades and awards. The album and Morissette clinched 6 Juno Awards in the year 1996 and these included Album of the Year and Single of the Year among others.


Plus, “Jagged Little Pill” bagged nominations for 9 Grammy Awards and won 5 out of them including the prestigious Album of the Year. Thus, Morissette became the youngest music artist in history who won the honor. It was a record the singer held until Taylor Swift broke it in the year 2010 for her album “Fearless”.


According to the Rolling Stone, “Jagged Little Pill” ranked 327 on the list of their 500 All-time Greatest Albums in 2003. The video for “Jagged Little Pill, Live” that Morissette co-directed, as well as, chronicled for the major portions of her tour managed to win a Grammy for the Best Music Video, Long Form in the year 1998.


The story behind the creation of the musical Jagged Little Pill


“Jagged Little Pill” happened to be the 3rd studio album, as well as, the international debut made by Alanis Morissette, a Canadian musician. The album was released in the year 2995 by Maverick and was the maiden album of the singer to be released internationally.


She started working on this album after shifting to the city of Toronto from Ottawa, her hometown. Morissette could make only slight progress until she moved to Los Angeles. It was here that she met Glen Ballard, her producer.


The duo established a rapport instantly and started experimenting with the sounds and co-writing the songs. The result of this experiment was a great alternative rock album, which drew inspiration from pop Rick and post-grunge while featuring instruments such as the harmonica, drum machines, keyboards, and guitars.


The lyrics were based on subjects of unsuccessful relationships and aggression. Ballard managed to introduce an element of pop sensibility to the angst of Morissette.


Reviews and audience support at the Loeb Drama Center at Harvard


According to Dine Paulus, “Jagged Little Pill” is not simply a show, but is a movement. The response to the show was massive and truly unprecedented.


People camped overnight so that they could purchase tickets and traveled from various corners of the world, some even changing their plans so that they could watch the show all over again. The tremendous energy amongst the show’s audience who wanted to experience the music of the iconic album could be felt.

The reviews of Jagged Little Pill from its time in Cambridge at the American Repertory Theatre were excellent and raving with enthusiasm.


Broadhurst Theatre history


A Broadway theater, the Broadhurst Theater is situated in Midtown Manhattan. Herbert J. Krapp, a well-known architect and theater designer, designed the venue. He had been directly working with the Shubert brothers.  The Broadhurst is right in the heart of NYC and Broadway and certainly among all of the major Broadway Shows.


It was on September 27 1927, when the Broadhurst opened for the general public for the first time. It was constructed back-to-back with the structure Majestic and was intended to mimic the style of the Shubert and Booth theaters. Located nearby, these theaters were conceived by an architect called Henry B. Herts.


The Broadhurst Theater was named after a famous Anglo-American dramatist called Howells Broadhurst who settled in the United States of America in the year 1886.


Apart from writing plays, the dramatist also managed theaters located in Milwaukee, San Francisco, and Baltimore before making up his mind to associate with the Shubert brothers. Also, the Broadhurst Theater was built to host plays as well as musicals. It has been doing so successfully for over 100 years now.


The theater has been designated as a prominent landmark in New York City and cornerstone of the Broadway scene. The venue started hosting shows in 1927, and the first show to be housed was “Misalliance” by George Bernard Shaw on September 27. The play had only 52 performances and only returned on Broadway in the year 1953.

Jagged Little Pill sits on Broadway and is attracting the dedicated and feverish following and audience engagement much like other musical sensations Dear Evan Hansen and Hadestown.  it is no surprise to eventually see the Jagged Little Pill Tour with the musical reaching more and more fans with this wonderful art.

Jagged Little Pill

Come out and buy tickets for the Tony Award winning incredible music based on the legendary album and music.

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